Health care Industry and Automated e-signature with Netco Signer

Learn how Netco Signer electronic signature technology helps health organizations to save money, time and in turn improving patient satisfaction.

Netco Signer enables you to interact with patients anywhere, anytime—while still staying secure, private, and compliant.

In the industry of health care, through companies health services (hospitals, clinics, health centers, clinical laboratories, etc.) and through its administrative staff and health, the health sector produces services to meet the need for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of people. These procedures have been automating and optimizing them by electronic signature solutions in order to improve and reduce costs.


In order to eliminate the role of the process avoiding printing, management and archiving of thousands of paper documents per year, companies in the health sector are seeking solutions for electronic signature capture for informed consent through devices that allow digital signatures patient for acceptance of care, diagnosis and prescription.


Netco Signer can be used to assign handwritten signatures or fingerprints transforming them into advanced electronic signature (with digital certificate, PKI technology) introduces signature on the document and the result to ensure document integrity. For the customer (patient). The handwritten signature is collected through a cellular mobile, tablet or turn the fingerprint through a fingerprint reader device.

Using electronic signatures in the health care Industry

The application priorities for digital signatures in healthcare-related paperwork include:

  • Patient Records
  • Home healthcare and hospice.
  • Disclosure of medical information
  • Medical reports
  • Consent Forms
  • Laboratory statments
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Medicines prescriptions

Netco Signer provides strength to the information systems and public health surveillance.

Automated e-Signature with Netco Signer, the healthcare industry may adopt electronic processes in accordance with laws and regulations

  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual tasks associated with document printing, scanning, copying, physical manipulation, mail, file and crushing.
  • Frees up personnel enabling increased productivity.
  • Automate the processes of signing documents eliminating delays of paper documents in transit and improve the efficiency of your workflow organizational data.
  • Accelerate the processes of multiple signatures on a document in a few minutes.

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