eSignature Solutions For Financial Industry

Learn how the technology of Netco Signer helps financial institutions secure customer transactions, protect documents and to save money by being more efficient.

In the financial Industry errors are not accepted. The accuracy and safety paramount for being a challenging operating environment. While financial institutions are pressured to increase their service offerings, reduce costs associated with its processes and comply with regulations such as scratch paper policies in order to be more environmentally friendly. Financial institutions have gone more to improve business processes through digital automation platforms, but are braking at the time that is required to implement a signature or approval of its administrative staff or customers.

Netco Signer electronic signature solution works to solve those needs and challenges of financial institutions. Electronic signatures as tool helps to fully automate all processes; and likewise protects documents and operations of its customers mitigating the risk of human error.


Netco Signer provides an automated electronic signature that helps reduce the costs associated with its documentation processes and collaborates with the target companies in their development of eco responsibility and sustainability.

Electronic Signature Solution with Netco Signer addresses all your needs for signature and approval of documents or operations such as:

  • Electronic signature for credit applications
  • electronic signature for signing promissory notes
  • Contracts, Tenders, purchase orders
  • Electronic billing
  • Signign corporate documents.
  • HR documents

Netco Signer electronic signature solution, allows accelerate the process where a signature is required in the document; It provides an automated mechanism for the client, or the management officer, or the official administrative processes of the firm entity electronically in an easy and safe way. Similarly ensures that documents are always safe of free manipulation as it provides security features such as the authentication, integrity and non-repudiation . Our signature solution can sign documents in different formats without changing the nature of the document such as Office documents, PDF, XML, or OpenDocument Text Document.

Deploying Netco Signer in your institution, all the benefits of the solution, including return on investment ROI, start from the first day of use

  • Eliminates costs associated with the production, handling, storage and disposal of paper.
  • It provides immediate savings that can total thousands of dollars $ anuales
  • Automates manual tasks to save time, costs and resources.
  • Mitigates risk and costs associated with human error.
  • Frees up personnel enabling increased productivity
  • It provides security to digital storage document for achieving profitability.

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