Netco Signer Features

+ Netco Signer provides an easy and secure way to sign documents.

Netco Signer provides an easy and sure sign documents and verify signatures electronically. With Netco Signer you can eliminate the cost, inconvenience and lack of security of transactions on paper. With just a few clicks, you can sign or submit any document for signature directly from your computer or mobile device.

+ Sign any document type.

You can work with Netco Signer using all the major content authoring applications and file formats: MS Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, and many document types.

+ Multiple signatures and signers per document

Sign alongside your colleagues in a single document (one after another) when a series of approvers and/or an audit trail is required.
And, Your graphical signatures are fully customizable, and added to the document with the reason for signing (I approve, I agree, etc.), date and time.

+ Long-term proof of signature.

The signatures, as well as the signer’s identity and intent, are embedded into the document, the integrity of which is ensured for deniability purposes. Allows creation of electronic signature provided with valid over time. All certificates in the chain of trust and the result of the check validity thereof at the time when the signing took place is included in the signed document. Netco Signer has the functionality to request and verify timestamps with the open standard RFC 3161.

+ Easy-to-use digital signatures and transaction Verification.

Netco Signer delivers digital signatures. This type of electronic signature is widely recognized as a best practice for digital verification of electronic transactions. Digital signatures are one of the most effective, secure, and easy-to-implement method of providing verification while enabling electronic transactions. The benefits the digital signatures include authentication, authorization and online verification.

+ Netco Signer delivers unattended and batch signing

You can sign millions of consecutive documents unattended in batches, making the Netco Signer digital signature solution ideal for bulk signing needs such as e-Invoicing and e-Archiving.

+ Easy to use, control of the signature is through the use of cell phone.

Anytime, anywhere access. Accelerate your workflows even further by providing easy access from any computer or mobile device without requiring any set-up or software installation, and through seamless and scalable integration with any web application.
You don’t need to install software on your devices to sign. Using a browser is all you need in order to sign and seal documents. All control of your sign credentials is done through your cell phone or email.

+ Netco Signer provides an API for Integrate into new and existing applications

Developers can integrate Netco Signer digital signatures into any product or application by using one of the powerful Netco Signer APIs

+ Comprehensive compliance with country/industry regulations

Netco Signer complies with all major regulations and International technical standards based on PKI technology, the only signature standard published, maintained and accepted by the US Government and the EU.
Signatures created with “certificate” or “approval” options comply with data protection standards issued by ETSI (European Institute of Telecommunications regulations). Besides, both signatures comply with PDF advanced digital signature standard PAdES. NETCO SIGNER has an option to use CAdES standard as well. Plus the timestamp and long term validation (LTV).

+ Cloud or On-Premise

You choose based on what’s best for your business: public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. Change at any time as your needs change.

+Netco Signer can verify the identity of people in your sign-off process using multiple techniques.

A pluggable authentication architecture allows you to configure single or multi-factor authentication methods and use existing digital IDs from external identity service providers.

Basic Authentication – Login & Password

The authentication can be conducted via your corporate Identity Provider, including Active directory. Netco Signer provides Email Authentication. This is the basic default method of user authentication. You identify your signatories via an email address and Netco Signer sends an email to that address with a code authorization for sign your document. Only a person with access to that email account can view and sign the document. Users register and from thereon use their user ID and password.

Two-factor authentication – Login & Password + Mobile phone authentication

As a stronger form of 2-factor authentication, Netco Signer can authenticate users by sending a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS or Voice to the signer’s registered mobile phone. The person must enter this OTP back into Netco Signer. A detailed log with evidence record is kept of all caller sent.

Strong Authentication with Biometric Fingerprint.

Fingerprint recognition refers to the automated method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual based on the comparisson of two fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most well known biometrics, and it is by far the most used biometric solution for authentication on Netco Signer.

+Freedom of choice

NETCO SIGNER works with any timestamp authority by using secure SSL/TLS protocols. You can even use third party timestamp providers.

Netco Signer Users can sign everywhere, anywhere, at the office or at home by using a tablet. Even on the streets by using móvil devices.

Netco Signer allows multiple ID’s management from any CA avoiding complexity and delivering trust. Verification services incorporated let user have all the information on who sign and what was signed.

NETCO SIGNER is easiy to integrate to multiple plattforms by using standard webservices or iframes. This enables a quick and easy way to share data among aplications. It could be to integrated with document management systems and workflows.

+Netco Signer provides Security and control guaranteed

Netco Signer integrates a central key storage repository. This enables remote secure Access by corporate users anywhere without storing keys in local repositories. Besides, it provides more control and security in the use of private keys having an audit log and allows centralized private key infrastructure maintenance and use.
The secure container or HSM (Hardware Security Module) protecting the keys has been validated by federal security laws in USA. ( ex. FIPS-2 level 3) and assesed by Common Criteria, defined on ISO/IEC 15408-3 [ISO 15408-3 2005].
Authentication and Access control offered by netco Signer to users integrates from 1 to 3 strong factor mechanisms (cell phone, voice recognintion, fingerprint, (OTPs by SMS, Whatsapp or voice)) and out of the band authentication by using QR codes.

+Scalability, high availability and load balancing

Netco Signer is scalable from a few signers to several million users and provides robust, high availability and load balancing options.

We build secure digital business.