eSignature Solutions For Government Sector

Government organizations are constantly challenged to reduce their costs, increase citizen services online and meet regulations such as paperless policies in order to be more friendly to the environment.

Netco Signer solution works to solve those needs and challenges of government agencies through automated electronic signature solution. With Netco Signer, government agencies can generate more efficiency in their document processes and citizen services, likewise helps meet Green IT targets by eliminating much of the manual processes, paper-based.

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Netco Signer electronic signature solves all your needs for signing documents on a government entity such as:

  • Secure Digital Archiving
  • Online procedures for citizens.
  • Contracts, purchase orders, public procurement.
  • Tax and customs declarations
  • Electronic invoicing.
  • Ideal for paperless.

Netco Signer speeds up processes where a signature is required on the document; provides an automated mechanism for the citizen or the user electronically sign easily and safely. Similarly it ensures that documents are sure to free manipulation, and provides authentication, integrity and non-repudiation.

Netco Signer provides electronic signature for documents in different formats without changing the nature of the document such as Office documents, PDF, XML, o OpenDocument Text Document.


Deploying Netco Signer, all the benefits of the solution, including ROI, start from the first day of use..

  • Eliminates costs associated with the production, handling, storage and disposal of paper
  • It provides immediate savings that can total thousands of dollars $ annual
  • Automates manual tasks to save time, costs and resources.
  • Reduce the risk and costs associated with human error.
  • It enables greater productivity.
  • The document provides security for digital storage achieving profitability.