Electronic Signatures for Education Industry with Netco Signer

Learn how electronic signature technology of Netco Signer helps colleges and universities to save money and be more efficient.

eSignatures provide a more legally binding, fraud-resistant signature than pen and paper.

Educational institutions produce an enormous amount of documentation, much of which must be signed, authenticated and confidential. Like many other organizations, they are constantly challenged by decreasing budgets and increased service quality. In an effort to address these challenges, many educational institutions are moving toward automated workflows and electronic documentation.


Now educational institutions can continue this trend with the implementation of electronic signatures to assign the signature on documents where a corresponding approval is required.

Netco Signer can reduce costs associated with their documentation processes, with a positive impact on the overall efficiency, and eco responsibility.

Netco Signer provides electronic signature solutions addresses all your signed documentation needs including:

  • Diplomas, Certificates, Report Cards
  • Contracts, Tenders, Purchase Orders
  • e-Invoicing
  • Digital Archiving

Netco Signer electronic signature solutions allows accelerate the process where a signature is required in the document; provides an automated mechanism for the student or parent, or teacher, or administrative officer, electronically sign documents easily and securely. Similarly it ensures that documents are sure to free manipulation, and provides authentication, integrity and non-repudiation. Our signature solution can sign documents in different formats without changing the nature of the document such as Office documents, PDF, XML, or OpenDocument Text Document.

Netco Signer helps educators get the signatures needed to process admissions, document loans and meet regulatory requirements. With Netco Signer you can accelerate the process, see real-time status of agreements, improve data quality, eliminate paper, and enhance the student experience — all at the same time.


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