Our commitment as a company

Innovation is the seal of our products, and our practices. Our corporate policy is strongly committed to environmental protection, to help protect your digital life, your operations, transactions and electronic documents and also to help the protection of digital assets of companies and Institutions.

¿Who We are?

  • Incorporated on August 17, 1995. Twenty years of market presence and experience.
  • Designs and develops digital solutions and «encryption» of sensitive information.
  • We have implemented the most important “PKI” Public Key Infraestructure in Colombia.
  • We are in the top 10 list of e-gov solutions in Colombia.
  • Pioneers in the implementation of certified electronic signatures.
  • Highly trained Human Resources committed to serving our clients and the progress of the company.

Securing Digital Identities & Information Provider

Our portfolio delivers the necessary protection of digital identities and information. We protect to the organizations against the costly ramifications and damage by delivering the strong
protection of information and management of identities across users, applications, servers and


Secure Transactions Portfolio

  • Securing Digital Identities

    Strong Authentication:

    We provide solutions that enables the strong authentication of users and devices accessing the corporate network, applications, allows the organization to restrict access to information, therefore reducing the chances of sensitive information being used inappropriately.

    Strong Protection of Digital Identity:

    We provide strong protection of the digital identity with flexible and secure storage options.

  • Securing Information

    Secure Transactions:

    We deliver trusted and secure transactions. By maintaining the integrity of data while in transit or stored within files and folders. Our solutions enables tamper proof information to be exchanged and stored securely, therefore eliminating the possibility of unauthorized viewing of sensitive corporate information to be re-used inappropriately.

  • Protected files and folders stored locally:

    We provide solutions that delivers privacy and protection of confidential information, preventing unauthorized viewing of files and folders stored on a users device, therefore eliminating the possibility of sensitive corporate information to be re-used inappropriately.